About us

We at Tigo Capital Energy offer a wide variety of engineering-focused services and products to many different sectors.

About us

Tigo Capital Energy Limited is a company that provides technical services, logistical support, and equipment supply with added value. Oil and gas, manufacturing, marine, power, healthcare, and other sectors are among those we help.

The provision of mechanical and electrical equipment is among the services we offer. Personal protective and fire-fighting gear, chemical and laboratory supplies, and manpower assistance.


By making the most of every expenditure to carry out our customers' vision in the most economical way, we aim to revolutionize their cost management structure.


We will make use of our industry expertise, our understanding of the global supply chain, and, most significantly, our capacity to develop novel solutions that guarantee our clients receive the value they want.

Our Quality Policy

Tigo Capital is dedicated to delivering complete client satisfaction via understanding their needs and offering on-time project and product development at the appropriate cost.

Tigo is well aware of the significance of the Quality Management System (QMS) and is dedicated to upholding its commitments for implementation, upkeep, and continual development. The management views the creation of a strong QMS across the organization as a fundamental component of Tigo's sustained success and has made it a key component of its business process to:

- In order to fulfill these obligations and implement industry best practices throughout the business, the company must continuously monitor, create, evaluate, and improve its quality policies, plans, and procedures. Implement national and international standards' quality management systems and processes.

- Attain first-time compliance with all contractual criteria.

- Maintain adherence to all applicable state and federal laws, rules, and directives that are imposed upon it by external regulating organizations in Nigeria.

- Continue to emphasize to all stakeholders the significance of a good quality management system and compliance with QMS requirements.