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If they asked you what the biggest difference between affiliates who struggle and those who make 6-7 figures every week, what would your answer be?

If you said it's because of their "funnel," you're wrong.

If you said it's because they generate lots of leads, well you're wrong too.

"Because there are affiliates who generate lots of broke leads and still struggle to make sales"

But from what we've noticed, the biggest difference between struggling affiliates and those who cash out ₦250 - ₦400k every Friday on Expertnaire is that the successful affiliates focus only on things that 10x their efforts...

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Take Maria for example:
She joined Expetnaire August last year, and is on her way to 10 million Naira in pure commissions in less than 6 months. We paid her 1 million naira in a single week in January

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Ifunanya :
Ifunanya Patience makes between 600k - 1 Million Naira and over 50 sales daily. Yes, on a single day!

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And she has done over 50 million Naira in sales on Expertnaire already. This is someone who's shy and struggles to speak to people in public. So, what does she do differently?

Angel Aburime:
Angel Aburime hit 1 million in commissions within 3 months of joining Expertnaire as a complete newbie.

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Looking at these results and noticing that all of these people joined Expertnaire as newbies... Some of them have never sold anything online before in their life... And yet have gone on to earn enormous amounts of money promoting products on Expertnaire…

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You keep spending money on ads and trying different promotional strategies, but either you don't get any leads at all or you keep getting broke leads.

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Let's assume you currently make somewhere around 100k or thereabouts monthly in your affiliate marketing business. Or even less.

What if we could show you a simpler way to 10x your income without having to work more?

Which means by the end of the 60 days you could possibly be making 1 million Naira or even more monthly from your affiliate marketing business.

Which means by the end of the 60 days you could possibly be making 1 million Naira or even more monthly from your affiliate marketing business.

Regardless of what stage you're right now, we know you want more - you want to make more money, you want to make more profit - and we can help you achieve that by taking you to the next level.

But above all of this, something most affiliates struggle with is their mindset.

That's why they get stuck

That's why someone who's already making ₦200k per month can't grow to ₦400, ₦500k or even ₦1 million when we all know that is possible.

Mindset Delulu:
So, we'll show you how to break out of that limiting mindset. .

We'll also show you why some affiliates never seem to make past a certain amount of money no matter how hard they try, and how you too can avoid this.

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10X Challenge Guest Speakers & Trainers:

Date for 10X Workshop: 11-14th February 2024